Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you want to do more than sway back and forth on your big day, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re dreaming of a classic waltz, a kickin’ country two-step, a dramatic tango or something else entirely, we’ve got you covered. Our certified instructors will help turn your first dance into an experience you’ll never forget!

Want to really wow the crowd? Consider adding on some lessons for mother-son, daddy-daughter, bridal party or general dancing for the reception. No need to decide now. We can discuss your vision during your free consultation and introductory lesson. Contact us today to schedule!

Wedding Dance FAQs

Q: Will you teach us choreography or just how to dance in general?
A: We can do either. During your free consultation we will discuss which direction to take your program. We will make recommendations based on the information you provide but ultimately the choice is yours!

Q: What if we don’t have a song picked out yet?
A: Not a problem at all! We will introduce you to multiple dance styles on your first visit. From there, we can make some recommendations based on which styles you prefer and your taste in music.

Q: When should we start?
A: The short answer is the sooner, the better. When you come in for your free consultation and introductory lesson we will work with you to build a program that suits your dance goals and wedding budget. Generally speaking, we recommend 3-6 months for a basic first dance and 6-12 months for more complex choreography or add-ons like general dancing or more than one routine. Have less than three months left before your wedding? Don’t worry, we can still put something together for you. Simply contact us to schedule your first visit and leave the rest to us!

Q: What should we bring to our first visit?
A: Song ideas (first dance, additional dances, etc.), shoes similar to those you’ll be wearing on the big day, information regarding your dance floor (type of surface, approximate size, layout, etc.), an idea of your wedding dance budget. If you’re missing some of this information right now, it is not an issue. Just bring what you have and we’ll help you with the rest.